Saturday, April 24, 2010

NIKEiD contest show

NIKEiD "inspired pass from CLASSIC" writing contest at the official launch of Nike's flagship store in Shanghai. "Inspired pass from CLASSIC" writing contest for participants to the upcoming soccer event as the theme, all in a pair of white canvas shoes on SweetClassic original design. NIKEiD organize the writing contest designed to inspire the younger generation of creative inspiration, encourage them to show true self, and through creative interpretation of the 2010 world football's much-anticipated event. The creative competition has the same time, China, Germany, the United States to start.

Start the ceremony, singer Bibi, VJ Li Chen, designers Weixing Yu, China's first female graffiti and prints up to people Sice creator Huang Guangyi the trend of these pioneers from different areas appeared at the scene and showed them each of Portugal, the United States, Brazil and the Netherlands, the four Nike-sponsored team for the inspiration of the original design SweetClassic NIKEiD shoes, expect to use their creative work to bring inspiration to the participants so that they burst of inspiration, creativity.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Stern Warns Coaches to Quit Griping

The league handed out fines of $35,000 apiece on Thursday to Boston Celtics forward Rasheed Wallace, Orlando Magic Stan Van Gundy and Orlando forward Matt Barnes for publicly criticizing officials.

Speaking before the Thunder hosted the Lakers, Stern said such comments were ''corrosive'' to the product that the league is putting on the floor. He said he understands why coaches try to work the officials through the media, but that the result is such comments undermine consumer confidence in the league's product.

''But when you hear a Chicago coach say that this game was lost because NBC wants an extra game and you hear a New York coach say, 'What are you going to do? Jordan gets all the calls,' it sounds like a lot of fun,'' Stern said.

''If I had it to do again ... I would stop it and the price wouldn't be a modest $35,000 fine. It would be whatever a day's pay is and then two days' pay and then a week's pay.

Stern said he crossed paths with Jackson on Thursday night at the Ford Center and said there were no hard feelings, at least from the commissioner.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Magic has below 22 points to Win Over Bobcats

Rashard Lewis added 19 points, and Dwight Howard had nine blocks but was limited offensively and in foul trouble for most of the second half.

Charlotte swarmed and slapped Howard on every opportunity near the rim to frustrate the Magic's All-Star center. Howard had five points and seven rebounds, and was 1 for 6 on free throws.

Wallace's free throws trimmed Orlando's lead to 85-80 late in the fourth, and had the Bobcats on the brink of a stunning upset. Mickael Pietrus had a 3-pointer and the Magic eventually went ahead 92-84 to put the game out of reach.

Nelson left Raymond Felton and D.J. Augustin in the dust early, much to the dismay of new Bobcats majority owner Michael Jordan sitting on the baseline.

Jackson laid on the floor in pain, and Nelson pushed the ball down court to hit a 3-pointer at the first-half buzzer.

The Bobcats went down 65-43 on a 3-pointer by Rashard Lewis early in the third quarter. Howard would pick up his fourth foul, and the frustration began to set in for the Magic.

Japanese Brand nonnative with England Tricker's collaboration M7407 DARBY SHOE classic leather shoes

Japanese brand nonnative cooperation with the British Tricker's 2010 on spring and summer shoes occur again.Recent UK's top brand handmade boots close with the Japanese brand,which helped create a new classic on stage M7407 DARBY SHOE shoes.Firstly,Texture of leather is high-quality.Secondly,Simple and beautiful style of the shoe,which Allowing Tricker's more mature.The type have 3 different colors, but the impression is different.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Air Jordan 3 4 9 11 , 25th anniversary new silver series launch in Asia

25 years ago, NBA arena all the players wear basketball shoes are black and white color, 1985, is the Michael Jordan basketball shoe color to create a history-making, and face heavy fines NBA Union, Jordan and NIKE to create basketball shoes miracle. 25 years later in 2010, has now become a symbol of the AIR JORDAN basketball shoes, brand ushered in the 25th anniversary of Daqing, the 25th anniversary of which we often said that the "silver anniversary", so, we see Jordan 2010, a full range of disclosure a silvery white color is not hard to explain. April 17, Asia will be on sale the new 34911 series, this four heavyweight in the other Jordan shoes, Jordan shoes, fans believe that the people loved these shoes are not made of four tables, then you wait?

3 Air Jordan  3 Silver  25th  Anniversary


Air Jordan  4 Silver  25th  Anniversary


Air Jordan  9 Silver  25th  Anniversary


Air Jordan  11 Silver  25th  Anniversary

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celtics Lock heat, semi-finals will be against Cleveland

April 14, Boston Celtics guest Chicago Bulls challenge the results green jersey military weakness distal to 93-101 loss to rivals. Bulls take hold of the impact of the initiative in the playoffs, while the Celtics this defeat, but also allow them to officially "locked" in the eastern part of the fourth position.

Left in a regular season and 50 wins the Celtics have won 52 of the Hawks could not catch up, of course, can not be behind the Heat (46 wins) catch up. This is nearly three seasons, the Celtics for the first time dropped out of the eastern part of the first two, even ending the Bucks won their home, with 51 wins in the record is the worst after the Big Three they gathered.

Celtic, after the fourth lock, the first round of the playoffs most likely hit the Miami Heat. Although Miami has not locked the fifth, but the final battle against the Nets their home, winning is not difficult, but the Bucks are going to the sixth row of the challenges the Boston Celtics. As long as the Heat won the Nets, who will in the first round against Boston.

The Flash alone are weak, while the military green jersey old, but the overall strength of the edge, enough for them to sit tight when the Miami Heat on the Diaoyutai, Wade have the ability to trouble the military green jersey, but would like to eliminate opponents hard such as the largely closed. 2007-08 season, individual ability, such as LeBron - James, as the playoffs are the Big Three in the siege could not extricate themselves. While Wade led alone, although the playoffs for two consecutive years, it is likely to face two consecutive first-round exit.

But the Celtics fell to the fourth largest of the east, that they have to in the Eastern semi-final with the Cleveland Cavaliers Rush. Ahead of the biggest favorites to win this season encounter, this is certainly not green jersey military want to see. Of course, if the Big Three and the Lord of the veterans to re-inspire the fighting, with their experience and team configuration, the knight in the Eastern Conference finals before the block is not impossible. Knight estimates are unwilling to face the Celtics too early, an eagle on the third row of them, and instead easier.

Ross 39 points create two new high, bull expect playoffs

April 14, NBA regular season continues, the Chicago Bulls take 101-93 victory over the Celtics at home. Bulls away game at Charlotte tomorrow, as long as they can win the playoffs, the Raptors do not see the face. In losing the game, the Celtics lost the hope of catching an eagle, only the identity of the fourth totale the east into the playoffs.

While the Celtics have been locked up before the four east, but they also go beyond the hope of an eagle, so they will not give up a game. It is clear that the game is more important for the Bulls, the Bulls before the game in leading the Raptors 0.5 wins eighth seeded, although only a Raptors game, but the Bulls due to battle each other in under the wind, so they still have all won the last two races (including today's game), to ensure that the eastern part of the eighth position.

After opening fire the more violent outside Boston, Rondo, Ray - Allen and Pierce each basket attack succeeded, they are easy to play 10-4 start. After the upgrade, but the Bulls defensive intensity, forcing the Celtics failed to score of 9 shots from the situation, seize the opportunity to play the Bulls tied the score 7-0 in the offensive overtake. But after a brief standoff, the Celtics let the Bulls appeared nearly three minutes to score shortage, in this section have 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Long jumper succeeded more than the trip, the Celtics 16-13 to regain lead. Defensive teams in this section are those firms, in the end of this section, maintain a 20-17 Celtics lead.

Section bull attack to open and successfully score overtake. In this section, 7 minutes and 24 seconds left, Robinson hit a jumper, the Celtics opened the score to 29-25. But the Bulls after they forced the Celtics in 7 vote no, Hinrich scored with a fine cast with 8 points, in this section 3 minutes 19 seconds left, Ross also succeeded jumper, the Bulls finished 12-0 in the offensive will overtake the 37-29 score. Boston and received an immediate request to suspend the effectiveness of the suspension Houpiersi and Kevin Garnett were two baskets of attack succeeded, but the Bulls in this section is not within the last 1 minute field goal, hit a jumper as the buzzer Pierce, Kyle special person will score chase halftime 41-44. This section Hinrich scored 10 points for the Bulls.

Section IV is heating up, there is no way out of Chicago to further enhance the defensive intensity and forced the Celtics in 7 minutes in the pre-holiday only scored a field goal. Ross led the Bulls extended the lead to nine points for the Celtics in the Robinson vote in this section after the second field goal, Ross hit another jumper to lead the Bulls in the game left 4 minutes and 15 seconds to maintain 83-75 lead. In the game 1 minute 31 seconds left, the Celtics once the score chase 86-90. But the Houxinliqi hit third, and in Pierce sank two free throws after Hinrich basket attack succeeded again, seal the victory for the Bulls.